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“Accomplished. . .lyrical. . .gently dissonant, with admirably clear text-setting.”  New Music USA, 2011

Praise for Erica's music from living composers:


"Full of drama and rich in harmonic and melodic substance." Charles Strouse

"Gently lyrical with darker episodes."  - Ed Hughes

"Distinctly American."  - John Corigliano

Selected Works for Choir & Voice

"From This Place" (SATB Choir) (2021)

  • Premiere, BYU-Hawaii Inauguration of President Keoni Kauwe (2021)

"A Kou Aloha No / I Am a Child of God" (SATB Choir, solo cello) (2021)

  • Premiere, BYU-Hawaii Devotional, 2021

"Catharsis" (SSAATTBB Choir) (2020)

  • Premiere, Muse Phoenix Virtual Concert, 2020

“Phoenix Singing” (SSSSAA Choir) (2019)

  • Premiere, MVLC Concert Series, 2019

"Mighty Mothers in Zion" (SATB Choir) (2019) 4'

  • Premiere, Sun Lakes United Church of Christ Chancel Choir, May 2019

“To Nachuma” (Soprano, Piano) (2019) 6’

  • Premiere, Stephanie Sadownik, ASU Women’s Collaborative, April 2019

“Chekhov’s Three Sisters” (voice and sampled sounds) (2018) 6’45’’

  • Premiere, Arizona State University, 2018

“Gaudete” (SSSSAA Choir) (2018) 2’30

  • Premiere, ASU Women’s Chorus, 2018

“Love Came Down at Christmas” (SSATBB Choir) (2015) 2'30

  • Commission and Premiere, AISU Chamber Choir, 2015

“The Lord is My Shepherd” (SSAATTBB Choir) (2014) 1'30

  • Premiere, Harvard University Choir, 2014

  • Performance by the BYU-Hawaii Concert Choir, 2021

The Weaver of Raveloe: An Original Musical (Soloists, Chorus) (2011-14)  2 hrs, 30'

  • Workshopped Reading, Brigham Young University WDA Workshop, UT, 2011

  • Performance, Salty Cricket Composers Collective, Rose Wagner Auditorium, UT, 2012

  • Workshopped Reading, New York Musical Theatre Festival, NYC, 2012

  • Performance, The American Repertory Theatre's Oberon Stage, Boston, 2014

“I Feel My Savior's Love” (two voice arrangement) (2014) 2'30

“Abide with Me” (two voice arrangement) (2013)  3'00

“My Heart Won't Rest” (SATB Choir) (2013) 3'30


“Celtic Blessing” (Men/Women's Voices, Piano) (2013) 4'

  • Commission and Premiere, Dean College Musical Theatre Showcase, 2013


“Better. . .Than Music!” (Soprano, Piano) (2013) 3'30


“April 1996” (Soprano, Piano, Cello) (2012) 6'

  • Art Song Collaboration, Mary Herrod, 2012


“Spring” (Baritone, Piano) (2012) 3'

  • Commission/Premiere, James Dargan - baritone

  • Longy Student Composers Series, 2012


“Oh, May My Mind Be Staid on Thee” (Hymn Setting) (2012) 3'


“Abide with Me” (SATB Chorus, Piano) (2012) 3'30

  • Performance, Church Office Quartet, 2012


“Paper Googled” (manipulated voice and paper samples) (2011) 4'

  • Performance, Longy Computer Music Concert, 2011


“Earworms” (SATB Chorus) (2011) 2'


“A Marvelous Work / We Do Not Doubt” (Voice and Piano) (2011) 5'30


“. . .That Passeth All Understanding” (Soprano, Piano) (2010) 3'30

  • Performance, Karyl Ryczek - soprano, Wayman Chin - piano 

  • Septemberfest: Themes of Transformation, Boston, 2011


“A Portrait of Ukraine” (Baritone, Pierrot Ensemble) (2010) 12'

  • Performance, James Dargan - baritone w/Longitude New Mus Ensemble, Boston, 2010


“Gloria” (SATB Chorus) (2010) 4'

  • Reading, Longy Chamber Choir, Alex Powell - conductor, Boston, 2010


“Будь Здаров!” (Baritone, Piano) (2009) 2'30

  • Performance, James Dargan - baritone, Longy Student Composers Series, 2011


“Just Fly” (Voice, Guitar, Bass, Perc.) (2009) 3'


“A Child's Song of Christmas” (SA Children's Chorus, Flute, Piano) (2008) 3' 

  • Commission/Performance, Utah Children's Choir, 25th Anniversary, Utah, 2009


“An Instrument in Thy Hands” (SATB Chorus, Piano) (2008) 3' (Text: Sharlee Glenn)

  • Performance, Battlecreek 7th Ward Male Choir, Anne Shumway - director, 2008


DreamWeaver: An Opera in One Act (2 Sops/Mezzo/Alto/Tenor, Flute, Piano) (2007) 20'

  • Winner, AESOP VocalWorks  International Opera-in-a-Month Competition, 2007

  • Performance, M. Ryan Taylor - music director, 2007


“Jabberwocky” (SSAATB Chorus, Bass Solo, Piano) (2007) 4' (Text: Louis Carroll)

  • Performance, ASU Singers, Tom Peterson -  conductor,  Arizona, 2007

  • Semi-finalist, Sorel Medallion Composition Competition, 2007

“Somewhere” (Soprano, Piano) (2006) 7'  (Text: Sharlee Glenn)

  • Performance, Laura Inman, Arizona, 2006

  • Recording, Carole Fitzpatrick, 2006 

  • Performance, Erica Glenn, Mariupol School of Music, Ukraine, 2008


“His Mercy Endureth Forever” (SSAA Chorus, Cello) (2006) 6'30 (Text: Psalm 118)

  • Performance, ASU Singers, Elizabeth Willey - cello, Arizona, 2007


“Gather Ye Rosebuds” (SATB Chorus) (2005) 2'40 (Text: Robert Herrick)

  • Performance, The Renaissance Singers, Arizona, 2005

  • Winner, Chanticleer Student Composer Competition, 2006


“Sleep” (Electronics and Voice Samples) (2006) 

  • Recording, Electronic Studio at the University of Sussex, England, 2006


Caught by Christmas: A Musical (Soloists, Chorus, Synthesized Orchestra), 2005, 30’

  • Commission/Performance, Manilla Elementary, Utah, 2005

  • Publication, Lazybee Scripts, UK, 2007


“Fairy Suite” (Baritone, Chamber Orchestra) (2005) 2'30


Between the Lines: A Musical (Soloists, Chorus), 2004

  • Performance, various locations (USA, UK, Hong Kong, Ukraine), 2004-09

  • Publication, Lazybee Scripts, UK, 2006


“I Shall Not Live in Vain” (SSAA Chorus, Harp, Flute) (2004) 4'  (Text: Emily Dickinson)

  • Performance, ASU Women's Chorus, ASU, 2005

  • Performance/Recording, The Miracle Singers, Arizona, 2006


“Haven Heaven” (SATB  Chorus, Chamber Strings) (2004)  6' 

Chrysanthemum:  A Musical (Soloists, Chorus, Synthesized Orchestra), 2003

  • Performance, Start the Show! Theater Workshop, Utah, 2003


“Pied Beauty” (SATB Chorus, Piano, Optional Perc.) (2001) 2'40

  • Performance, Utah Children's Choir, Utah, 2002

  • Performance, Pleasant Grove High School Chamber Choir, Utah, 2003


“Meditation” (2 Sopranos, Piano/Fl/V) (2000)  4'30

  • Performance, Young Women's Worldwide Celebration, Utah, 200

  • Recording, Erica Glenn and Alyssa Wallentine, 2002


“True, Blue Texan” (Voice/Synthesized Bluegrass Ensemble) (2002) 3'

  • Recording, Kati Morton (sent by Orrin Hatch to George Bush), 2002


“Start the Show!” (SSA Theater Chorus, Piano) (2001) 3'

  • Performance, Start the Show! Theater Workshop, Utah, 2002


Dancing Shoes: A Musical in 3 Acts (based on the book by Noel Streatfeild) (Soloists,            

Chorus) (1999) 90'

  • Performance, Villa Theater and Valley Center Playhouse, Utah, 2000 


“Dreams Can Come True” (2 Sopranos, Piano)  (1999) 2'39

  • Winner, PTA Reflections Contest, 2000

  • Performances, Villa Theater and Valley Center Playhouse,  Utah, 2000


“Memories” (2 Sopranos, Piano) (1996) 2'30

  • Winner, PTA Reflections Contest, 1996

  • Performances, Villa Theater and Valley Center Playhouse, Utah, 2000

Erica Glenn's original music has been performed under the direction of Sam Pilafin (founder of the Empire Brass Quintet); Steinway Artist, Walter Cosand; Longitude New Music Ensemble conductor, Paul Brust; and St. Lawrence String Quartet cellist, Christopher Costanza.  In 2011, Karyl Ryczek and Wayman Chin premiered her work at Cambridge’s annual SeptemberFest to high acclaim from New Music USA.  She also won VocalWork's International Opera-in-a-Month Competition (Dreamweaver) and the Longy Processional/Recessional Competition, which culminated in multiple performances by the Redline Brass Quintet.  Erica's choral compositions have been performed by choirs across America.  She won the Chanticleer Student Composer Competition ("Gather Ye Rosebuds," SATB) and was a semi-finalist in the Sorel Medallion Composition Competition ("Jabberwocky," SSAATTBB).  Erica studied composition with John Morrison, Paul Brust, Jody Rockmaker, and Randall Shinn and has met for private sessions with Pulitzer Prize-winning composers John Corigliano and Michael Colgrass as well as Broadway's Jason Robert Brown. She publishes with Pelican Music and, through Pelican, was a featured composer at the International Women's Brass Conference.


Erica has also established a name as a composer of musical theatre. Her full-length musical, Dancing Shoes, was awarded “Best Play of the Year” at the Valley Center Playhouse, and her children’s musical, Between the Lines, placed first in the VIP Arts Competition. In 2011, she interned for Broadway composer Charles Strouse (Annie, Bye-Bye Birdie), and two years later, she was awarded a full scholarship for the ASCAP Marvin Hamlisch Broadway Conductors Program, where she conducted the orchestra and leads from Broadway's Wicked.  Her most recent musical, The Weaver of Raveloe, was featured in the 2012 New York Musical Festival and produced two years later at Boston’s American Repertory Theater. Erica publishes with LazyBee Scripts, and her musicals have been performed throughout the US, the UK, and as far away as Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, and Australia.

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