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Virtual Choir Conductor

Virtual rehearsals and videos made easy!

Let us help YOUR ensemble thrive!

  • Feeling discouraged about the pandemic and its impact on live choral singing?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the technological know-how required to lead successful rehearsals online and record/edit virtual choir videos?
  • Feeling uncertain about which platforms to use and concerned about the cost for your singers?
What if there were a way to for someone to guide you through the process, utilizing widely-available, no-cost resources?  
What if you could observe digital choirs in real time, attend webinars, and access pre-generated templates and all the resources you need to lead successful rehearsals and generate your own virtual choir videos (while receiving ongoing support)?
We've discovered how to continue singing and performing in a choral setting, and we want to share our knowledge with YOU and your ensemble.  We feel strongly about helping the choral arts thrive during this difficult period of time and providing singers worldwide with opportunities to join their voices across geographic boundaries in unprecedented ways.
Join the community!


There is no recurring monthly fee.
Pay ONCE to join our community for a full year!
Basic Membership ($95):
  • Includes access to:
    • Conductor instruction sheets
    • Singer instruction sheets
    • All forms and templates​
    • All sample schedules
    • All pre-recorded videos
    • Ongoing email support
Premium Membership ($195):
  • Includes access to:
    • Opportunities to observe live virtual choir rehearsals
    • A personal mentor
    • Live webinars on topics of interest
    • Conductor instruction sheets
    • Singer instruction sheets
    • All forms and templates
    • All sample schedules
    • All pre-recorded videos
    • Ongoing email AND live video support

Join us now!

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Feedback on our services

From conductors/educators:

Topher Keene (Arizona Girlchoir)  

"In this shifting music education landscape, the most important factor is adaptability and a willingness to try new things. I've observed and followed the 'virtual rehearsal,' 'virtual choir,' and 'virtual camps' of many organizations and schools over the last several months, and I can confidently say I've seen none with a product as high-quality."

Lisa Blasi (Brevity Chorus)

"I’m learning so much!"

Teresa Dickson (Utah Children's Choir)

"How grateful I've become for the chance to watch, work with, and learn from your expertise." 

Kay Asay (Utah Children's Choir)

"Nothing can stop us from singing! And nothing can stop us working with children!  Thank you.  I feel more positive about the future of choral singing."

From singers:

"Wow!  Somebody found a way for choir to not only happen during a pandemic, but to build a model that children could experience firsthand [with] very personal instruction from a variety of teachers, coaches, and world class conductors."

"Thank you (again and again) for this unique opportunity, for the hard work and amazing results! This brought happiness to every kid who participated, as we could absolutely see in their faces."

"What an astonishing accomplishment of editing and performance!"

"I think this was the most brilliant and beautiful thing that you and your team did for these kids in this time of hopelessness."

"[My daughter's] confidence has grown. Her smile shows it all! Thank you so much to all of you who have put this together. It may well be the highlight of her year!"

"I've already seen changes in how I sing. My progress really surprise and excites me, especially since it's been less than a week! A huge thanks to everyone!"

"My daughter said that it had been a very happy week for her, even [with] many hours in front of the computer. And she came from spending three months like this after confinament due to coronavirus!  (From Spain)"

"I enjoyed all the workshops. I honestly can't think of any crticism; everything was beautifully done, and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for this opportunity!"

"It was fun to wander the home and hear all four kids practicing 4 different parts. Their father (a music educator himself) was VERY impressed. I enjoyed the virtual concert!"

"This was a great experience! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

"My daughter was over the moon to get to participate! My mind is blown away [by] what was produced in such a short period of time! Every day I could hear singing, laughter, and clapping coming from my daughter's room. Thank you for putting this together. "

"We loved spending this week with you."

"It's been a long time since I've seen [my son] so excited about something."

"Thank you for all your hard work! You put so much effort into creating an amazingly organized and highly effective program!"


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