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"Erica Glenn managed to accomplish what most contestants on 'America's Got Talent' can only dream of - being declared the best act by Simon Cowell. . . Simon was pictured thoroughly enjoying the act and even gave a standing ovation [and] couldn't stop raving about Erica's talent."

- Erica Glenn's 'Simon the Musical' gets YES from 'AGT' fans, MEAWW, 2022

"The very talented Erica Glenn, who played Emma, was brilliant in the way she pulled the audience in. Her acting and singing were superb. . . Glenn also hit the comedic notes just right, making her character more likable than it might have otherwise been.  Will Ingram and Dallin Bradford both created good chemistry with Glenn’s Emma.” 

         - Emma - Regional Premiere, Bravo Musicals, 2021


“Even in the moments when another character is the focus of the scene, [Erica Glenn’s] Emma is still hard to take your eyes off.  It’s a brilliant performance as she cleverly manipulates.  She gets the lion’s share of the dialogue, but even silence doesn’t stop her from making her presence felt in every scene.”

         - Emma - Regional Premiere, Deja Reviewer, 2021


"Erica Glenn as Emma Woodhouse leads with panache.”       

- Emma - Regional Premiere, BWW Review, 2021

"Glenn has a lovely soprano and chemistry with the entire cast. Being in nearly every scene, she holds herself well and captures the sweetness and naivety of Jane Austen’s most prideful heroine.”

- Emma - Regional Premiere, Rachel's Musings - Theater Reviews, 2021


“As Monty's two love interests, Sibella and Phoebe, Erica Glenn and Irma Gloria deliver gorgeous performances with singing voices that shine.  . . .The high notes these two women hit and their delivery of ‘I’ve Decided to Marry You’ is a musical and comedy gem. Glenn also serves as music director, and the cast delivers clear notes, perfect phrasing, and excellent diction for every song in the show.”

         - Gentleman’s Guide - Regional Premiere, Talkin’ Broadway, 2020


“Erica Glenn portrays Cinderella with bright-eyed ditzy humor worthy of SNL, a true delight every time she graces the stage.”

          - Disenchanted - Regional Premiere, Phoenix Stages, 2019


“Belle, as voiced by Erica Glenn, could move directly to the Disney lot in southern California and take up shop. She showed excellent vocal range, unchallenged by the music, but also a keen dramatic ability that brought nuance to a character we all think we know.”

           - Beauty and the Beast, 2016


“A bold decision was in casting teenage girls as Anne, rather than young-looking older actresses.  It was smart, though: Youthful honesty is liable to come only from actual youth.  Jeff Carter’s scenes as Peter Van Daan with Erica Glenn as Anne are among the best.”

           - Diary of Anne Frank, The Daily Herald, 2001


“Two years ago, Erica Glenn began writing “Dancing Shoes,” a musical adaptation of the classic story by Noel Streatfeild. Last weekend, the now 14-years-old’s play found the stage at Villa Playhouse in Springville.  Glenn as a writer and an actress pulls off a sound show, and shows much potential as a playwright and performer.”                    - Dancing Shoes, The Daily Universe, 2000


“10-year-old Glenn does a great job as Pollyanna.  Her voice and mannerisms are reminiscent of Margaret O’Brien when she was a child star.”

             - Pollyanna, The Daily Herald, 1997

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