“The conductor makes the choir. Always inspired us to do better. Always made us feel welcome, at home, and accepted."   ---ASU Undergraduate

Teaching Artists Present Series
ACDA Symposium Workshop
Educational Philosophy
Surprise Tribute from Students

“Erica is so attentive and brings such a wonderful energy to the class. All of her feedback and suggestions are relevant and effective. I enjoy having such a positive attitude guiding the class. I feel very respected.”

--ASU Undergrad

“Erica is one of the most amazing directors I’ve ever known. She cares about every one of us, and that’s saying a lot.  She encourages us  to be our best and never gives up on us."

--ASU Undegrad

“Erica shows great concern for her students. She is willing to go far beyond her required teaching commitments to help students succeed.” --ASU Undegrad

“She is easy to talk to. She makes class fun and engaging, and you can tell she loves what she is doing, and that she really cares about the success of her students." --ASU Undergradly recommend this instructor.”

“Erica is both very passionate about her conducting/teaching and very compassionate towards her students. She's always upbeat and supportive, and open to new ideas. She's very knowledgeable and facilitates great conversations.”

--ASU Undergrad

"Erica is by far the best conductor and choir teacher

I've ever had!”

-- ASU Undergrad

“I've grown more in this course than any other class I've taken. I've learned to take strides to improve myself each day. I've learned how to be healthily constructive with myself. I've also learned that I have the power to overcome all, and do things even if it scares me.  ‘I will make this world my own devising;’ never have I sung words more inspiring!” --AISU Senior

"Choir has become the place where I feel safe from all of the storms from life. Because of you choosing to believe in me and help me become who I am, I have become a better person. You have changed my life."

--AISU Junior

"You instilled within me a belief in myself and that a good life is possible if a person is willing to work for, and live in, the goodness of the world. Thank you for pushing me to be the best me.  You have taught me more than anyone I have ever met. You are the most interesting, inspiring, and intellectual human being. I will never forget the impact you have had that made me who I am today.” --AISU Junior

Sample Voice Lesson